Jumat, 19 Desember 2008

Perceiving, noting, and analysing student soul symptom of Junior High School in solving mathematics problem

Thursday, 11 December, 2008 Mr. Marsigit gave task to all students Education of Mathematics to perceive, noting, and analysing student soul symptom of Junior High School in solving mathematics problem. To execute the task, I have to make a mathematics story problem for Junior High School level. In this case I make problem about linear equation by two variables.

I’m not found difficulties to look for Junior High School student to be perceived because I have a nephew which school in Junior High School. His name is Ravi Yoga Arfanda. He is class 8 in Muhammadiyah 2 Godean Junior High School. Me and my nephew are very closely related. Before, when he little I often invite him to play. Even if he invited go with him parent, I must follow. Therefore, up to now I very recognize his character. Even about his education, I knew him. I recognize his as bright insufficient student. More than in Mathematics lesson. He ever won’t to go to school because lazy. Though his parent including respectable and rich people. Although now he go to school everyday, but the target of the more important is meet with his friend, not because want to look for knowledge. Not surprised if he have followed remedial in school, especially mathematics lesson.

Wednesday, 17 December, 2008 I command my nephew to come to my house. Coincidence his house and my house are not far. I gain moment when he had go home from school. At 02.20 pm he came to my house. Before, I explain the target of me command he to come, that I wish to perceive him when he solving mathematics problem. After he know that he have to do mathematics problem, he had refused with reason he cannot concerning mathematics. But I remain to persuade him and finally he is agree.

I give him a problem about linear equation by two variables. The problem is " Price of two shirts and one T-shirt is Rp 170.000,00, while price of one shirt and three T-shirts is Rp 185.000,00. Price three shirt and two T-shirt is …..". When he began doing the problem which I gave, he complained. Even moment read the problem, he had felt confuse. He said that he cannot do it. I sure he had pessimist because since first he said if he cannot do it. I ask he remain to try. But he contrary asking to me the way of the problem solving. He hopelessly. Because I know will not happened progress, I give he the problem example and the solution of which similar to problem which I give to him. After me explain the answer of problem example which I show, he start tried doing again. But just remain to still enquire to me concerning step to answer the problem to the last he succeed to find correct answer. He seen very happy when he had done it.

After me feel enough to perceive him, I note the soul symptom when he solving mathematics problem which I give. Afterwards I try to analysis up to I reach for conclusion. The students which have believed that mathematics is difficult lesson, he will find difficulties in learning mathematics. More than if he hate Mathematics. Student will not motivate in learning. Even he will more lazy to progressively learn. But learn don’t be forced. Therefore, support from people around him very influence like support from parent, teacher and his friend. Besides, teacher also should be able to create pleasant study for student. For example through game, because moment student in Junior High School, they still have play world.

Selasa, 16 Desember 2008

My Experience in Group Discussion

We often hear perception that mathematics is boring lesson. That caused by study method which was oftentimes used is conventional study model tending to stag, where a teacher only giving the theory and give example of problems. As a result students will feel so boring, even possibly stress. Therefore, require to be created more varying study method and student can share active in teaching learning process. One is method which claiming active student is group discussion method. Discussion method is the way to forwarding of lesson where teacher give chance to students to collect opinion, making conclusion or compile various problem solving with other students. Here student can active in thinking and have interaction with other students.

I remember during I am learning mathematics, I often get group discussion task. Students divided become some groups which consist of some students to finish the problem. In group discussion, I feel a lot of benefits. I and my friends can learning to have deliberation, learning to esteem opinion with the others, getting opportunity to test each level of knowledge, can fertilize to feel cooperation so that the heavy task can finished immediately. With group discussion, student will comprehend the difficult lesson aspect which pursuant to fundamental discussion and social aspect in reality. Directly student will learn to give the alternative resolving of passing agreement of group.

But from some of benefits which I feel, in the reality there is still lacking of in applying of this group discussion method, for example if there is less active student in discussion or difficult to submitting statement and opinion. Diffidence sometime became hindrance in teaching learning process. Besides that, if there is a student which predominating in group discussion, will delay the fluency of discussion because impressing only depend on one student so that the other member not have chance to telling their opinion.

Selasa, 02 Desember 2008

My Experiences Learning Mathematics

When starting to enter play group, I have learn Mathematics. Usually Mathematics at play group level introduced with visual method, like passing picture and object forms around him/her. Or can be told learning and playing at the same time. The situation felt so nice. Recognition of form, giving colour, recognizing number, recognizing quantifying, compiled reductions systematically and creative make me interest in Mathematics. That way, there no feeling lazy to learning Mathematics.

In learning Mathematics, usually items submitted at Elementary School level attributed to daily-living causing feeling to like to know, attention, and enthusiasm in learning Mathematics. Not only at school, at home the parents also can teaching the children to learn Mathematics even at play time. Because at play time, children not realize if they are learning.

According my experience, at elementary school learned way to calculate kindly. Mathematics is always taught step by step. If when play group we taught with visual method which full of pictures, at elementary school we taught with fingers. Not only reductions or quantifying, but also multiplication. Even though, learning Mathematics must made interesting. For example, students taught multiplication with number 9. We know that any numbers besides 0 which multiplied 9, the amount of numbers surely 9. I feel that can become the way of teacher to grow feel interest of student to Mathematics.

Beside that, in learning measurement and geometry usually student more interest if there is physic appliance or the instruments. Of course that will obviate the student of ascription that Mathematics is boring lesson. Therefore, I feel a teacher as educator also should be able to create learning situation kindly but remain to effective.

At Elementary School, I very like Mathematics lesson. When my final exam, I get perfect score for the Mathematics lesson. I very proud with the result which I get.

When Junior High School, of course the Mathematics matter more complex to taught. I also feel that way. How much more added by statement telling that Mathematics is difficult. We know that Mathematics claim many analysis, calculation, etc. While many students which tend to chosen memorizing than calculating. For that, need the existence to learning Mathematics kindly.

At Senior High School, I have worry with the pass of exam. Specially Mathematics value which I will get. Therefore, I have follow learning extramurally. That moment I very interest about quick formula to solving the Mathematics problem. In the reality there is true that they taught how to solving the problem quickly but correctly. But now I realize that it is part of instant culture because with the quickly formula mean us only majoring the result, not the process.

Before, I don't have idea to be a teacher. Specially a Mathematics teacher. Many people think that Mathematics is very difficult lesson, a lot of formula must be mastered. Because I am very confuse about study programme what I will take if I will continue school in one of university, I consult with my teacher. He gave a suggestion to take the Mathematics Education. The reason is a Mathematics teacher always required. That reason make me accept him suggestion. So, now I study Mathematics Education in State University of Yogyakarta.

We often hear the statement that Mathematics is difficult. How much more if dislike the mathematics lesson. Me, who have felt become a student also have that opinion. But I am conscious that Mathematics is science which need understanding and diligently.

My Experience Learning Psychology of Education

At Junior High School and Senior High School I have felt psychology lesson through tuition of consultancy at school. But, sometime the study still less focus to student personality. Sometime I feel the tuition of consultancy at school only special performed for naughty students or which often impinge the rule of school.

When I study Mathematics Education in State University of Yogyakarta, Psychology Education also still taught. But now the study more focuses in education. I newly realize that psychology have big contribution for education. Whether in development of curriculum, studying system, and the assessment. All that not quit of psychology aspect. Here I know the target of psychology education as my foundation if I become a teacher.

Kontribusi Psikologi terhadap Pendidikan

Tidak bisa dipungkiri lagi bahwa sudah sejak lama bidang psikologi pendidikan telah digunakan sebagai landasan dalam pengembangan teori dan praktek pendidikan dan telah memberikan kontribusi yang besar terhadap pendidikan, diantaranya terhadap pengembangan kurikulum, sistem pembelajaran dan sistem penilaian.

1. Kontribusi Psikologi Pendidikan terhadap Pengembangan Kurikulum.

Kajian psikologi pendidikan dalam kaitannya dengan pengembangan kurikulum pendidikan terutama berkenaan dengan pemahaman aspek-aspek perilaku dalam konteks belajar mengajar. Terlepas dari berbagai aliran psikologi yang mewarnai pendidikan, pada intinya kajian psikologis ini memberikan perhatian terhadap bagaimana in put, proses dan out pendidikan dapat berjalan dengan tidak mengabaikan aspek perilaku dan kepribadian peserta didik.
Secara psikologis, manusia merupakan individu yang unik. Dengan demikian, kajian psikologis dalam pengembangan kurikulum seyogyanya memperhatikan keunikan yang dimiliki oleh setiap individu, baik ditinjau dari segi tingkat kecerdasan, kemampuan, sikap, motivasi, perasaaan serta karakterisktik-karakteristik individu lainnya.
Kurikulum pendidikan seyogyanya mampu menyediakan kesempatan kepada setiap individu untuk dapat berkembang sesuai dengan potensi yang dimilikinya, baik dalam hal subject matter maupun metode penyampaiannya.
Secara khusus, dalam konteks pendidikan di Indonesia saat ini, kurikulum yang dikembangkan saat ini adalah kurikulum berbasis kompetensi, yang pada intinya menekankan pada upaya pengembangan pengetahuan, keterampilan, dan nilai-nilai dasar yang direfleksikan dalam kebiasaan berfikir dan bertindak. Kebiasaan berfikir dan bertindak secara konsisten dan terus menerus memungkinkan seseorang menjadi kompeten, dalam arti memiliki pengetahuan, keterampilan, dan nilai-nilai dasar untuk melakukan sesuatu.
Dengan demikian dalam pengembangan kurikulum berbasis kompetensi, kajian psikologis terutama berkenaan dengan aspek-aspek: (1) kemampuan siswa melakukan sesuatu dalam berbagai konteks; (2) pengalaman belajar siswa; (3) hasil belajar (learning outcomes), dan (4) standarisasi kemampuan siswa

2. Kontribusi Psikologi Pendidikan terhadap Sistem Pembelajaran

Kajian psikologi pendidikan telah melahirkan berbagai teori yang mendasari sistem pembelajaran. Kita mengenal adanya sejumlah teori dalam pembelajaran, seperti : teori classical conditioning, connectionism, operant conditioning, gestalt, teori daya, teori kognitif dan teori-teori pembelajaran lainnya. Terlepas dari kontroversi yang menyertai kelemahan dari masing masing teori tersebut, pada kenyataannya teori-teori tersebut telah memberikan sumbangan yang signifikan dalam proses pembelajaran.
Di samping itu, kajian psikologi pendidikan telah melahirkan pula sejumlah prinsip-prinsip yang melandasi kegiatan pembelajaran Nasution (Daeng Sudirwo,2002) mengetengahkan tiga belas prinsip dalam belajar, yakni :

  1. Agar seorang benar-benar belajar, ia harus mempunyai suatu tujuan
  2. Tujuan itu harus timbul dari atau berhubungan dengan kebutuhan hidupnya dan bukan karena dipaksakan oleh orang lain.
  3. Orang itu harus bersedia mengalami bermacam-macam kesulitan dan berusaha dengan tekun untuk mencapai tujuan yang berharga baginya.
  4. Belajar itu harus terbukti dari perubahan kelakuannya.
  5. Selain tujuan pokok yang hendak dicapai, diperolehnya pula hasil sambilan.
  6. Belajar lebih berhasil dengan jalan berbuat atau melakukan.
  7. Seseorang belajar sebagai keseluruhan, tidak hanya aspek intelektual namun termasuk pula aspek emosional, sosial, etis dan sebagainya.
  8. Seseorang memerlukan bantuan dan bimbingan dari orang lain.
  9. Untuk belajar diperlukan insight. Apa yang dipelajari harus benar-benar dipahami. Belajar bukan sekedar menghafal fakta lepas secara verbalistis.
  10. Disamping mengejar tujuan belajar yang sebenarnya, seseorang sering mengejar tujuan-tujuan lain.
  11. Belajar lebih berhasil, apabila usaha itu memberi sukses yang menyenangkan.
  12. Ulangan dan latihan perlu akan tetapi harus didahului oleh pemahaman.
  13. Belajar hanya mungkin kalau ada kemauan dan hasrat untuk belajar.

3. Kontribusi Psikologi Pendidikan terhadap Sistem Penilaian

Penilaiain pendidikan merupakan salah satu aspek penting dalam pendidikan guna memahami seberapa jauh tingkat keberhasilan pendidikan. Melaui kajian psikologis kita dapat memahami perkembangan perilaku apa saja yang diperoleh peserta didik setelah mengikuti kegiatan pendidikan atau pembelajaran tertentu.
Di samping itu, kajian psikologis telah memberikan sumbangan nyata dalam pengukuran potensi-potensi yang dimiliki oleh setiap peserta didik, terutama setelah dikembangkannya berbagai tes psikologis, baik untuk mengukur tingkat kecerdasan, bakat maupun kepribadian individu lainnya.Kita mengenal sejumlah tes psikologis yang saat ini masih banyak digunakan untuk mengukur potensi seorang individu, seperti Multiple Aptitude Test (MAT), Differensial Aptitude Tes (DAT), EPPS dan alat ukur lainnya.
Pemahaman kecerdasan, bakat, minat dan aspek kepribadian lainnya melalui pengukuran psikologis, memiliki arti penting bagi upaya pengembangan proses pendidikan individu yang bersangkutan sehingga pada gilirannya dapat dicapai perkembangan individu yang optimal.

Oleh karena itu, betapa pentingnya penguasaan psikologi pendidikan bagi kalangan guru dalam melaksanakan tugas profesionalnya.